Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence

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The second-ever product from the cult skin phenomenon that is Vintner’s Daughter is as wildly original as the first—and has the power to really multiply your results. The essence is made with water-soluble nutrients, whereas the serums are oil-soluble, so it delivers on different pathways into your skin—think of it as the yin to the bestselling serum’s yang. Made with thirty-plus active botanicals, each meticulously distilled from the whole plant over a five-week process to maintain potency, then blended with water-soluble vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, microalgae, gluconolactone, lactic acid, and apple cider vinegar, as well as pre- and probiotics into a hydrating, toning, mildly exfoliating treatment for skin. It’s transformative on its own, but we’ve seen amazing changes in our skin—it works for every skin type—when we combine it in a routine with the Active Botanical Serum.

1.7 fl oz/50ml

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